Microsoft has announced its upcoming console “Project Scorpio” at E3 in Los Angeles which is set to be released in 2017.

The console will support 4K gaming & it will run at the speed of six teraflops. Microsoft says that the console will compete with not only PCs but also with Sony’s high end PlayStation. The console comes with enhanced 320GB/s of memory Bandwidth. There won’t be a question of 1080p/60fps because this console has enough hardware to run games at 4K even with High Dynamic Range(HDR) Many of the games which are played on Xbox One will feature improvements in Scorpio because of its powerful hardware. On Scorpio, there won’t be any resolution drops and a solid framerate will be maintained.

Project Scorpio is still a codename for Microsoft’s upcoming console. As Microsoft was working with Oculus on bringing VR to its consoles, Microsoft says they do not have a partner set.

Coming to specs of this console, It will have a CPU of eight cores up-clocked Jaguar or similar. It will have a GPU speculation of 50/60 GCN units at 800-850MHz. Memory of Scorpio will be over 320GB/s Bandwidth with 12GB of GDDR5 RAM. Microsoft’s Project Scorpio will outperform Sony’s upcoming console “PlayStation Neo”. There will be pressure on Sony because of Scorpio’s Powerful Hardware and Specs. Specific release date for Project Scorpio hasn’t been revealed yet. When the console comes next year, we think it’ll be the most powerful console ever built.