Google paid a total of $550,000 to 82 people last year for finding security holes that could have let Hackers compromise Android powered tablets, phones, cars and other gadgets.

Android Security Rewards program was launched back in June 2015 to harden the software and improve overall security. Google offered an amount of $30,000 to find security vulnerabilities. Nobody could receive that much of amount but one researcher named heisecode was paid an amount of $75,750 for finding 26 vulnerabilities.

Security holes lead to gaining access of personal data of users. These vulnerabilities can be fixed from Google’s Android Security rewards program. Not only Google is offering to pay money for finding security holes. FBI reportedly paid for a hack to gain access to an iPhone.

While it might stress numerous Android users in the matter of how there are so many exploits, Google seems very happy with the achievement of the program. A researcher would require a vulnerability report with a proof that it works in order to claim for the reward that has now been increased from $3,000 to $4,000.

Google also announced that some changes are being made to the program for qualifying vulnerabilities. For this reward program’s second year, Google has raised the levels and Google will now pay $50,000. Google really wants to protect users’ privacy and data by fixing every security hole it can get.