Whenever some part of your body burns or itches, you would probably search for medical advice on Google. But excess number of results can make you think you have allergic reaction for an STD or it can happen vice versa. But it’s no fun.

Google has been rolling out its new feature called symptom search, designed for Google Android and iOS which shows better results on Google app. Search for any medical conditions such as “Knee Pain” will show you a list of related conditions.

A general description of your problem is shown when you search for simple symptoms like “headache”. Google shows you options for self-treatment and suggests whether you should go see a doctor or not.

Other search results for any medical symptoms will appear as cards. About 1% of Google’s searches are symptom-related, the company says. So Google plans to deliver better search results for its users. In coming days, Google will expand this symptom search from English-only and US to other countries and languages as well. Google also hopes to bring symptom search to desktop browser. Many companies already offer this symptom-checking app such as WebMD or Symptomate. Google will have a tough time getting many users switch from those apps to Google’s symptom-search.




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