Google has come up to teach kids to code in a new way and this time, without computers.

Google’s new Project Bloks is the new tactile platform which makes it easier to learn coding. Children can understand and learn underlying skills required for programming.

This is based on the simple concept of using blocks of toys to teach children to code and this method has already been tested by other programs like Scratch; programming language created by MIT. Unlike Scratch, where computers are required to learn coding, Google’s Project Bloks does not require computers, instead physical blocks are used. Google calls them pucks and boards.

Google is one of the many major tech companies which include Apple and Amazon, which have come up with educational programs to teach coding to children and to make next generation skilled up programmers. The big difference in Google’s Project Bloks is that there is no interaction with computer interfaces.

Project Bloks’ Team Lead Jayme Goldstein said “We thought about how we learned concepts — we learned with our hands and toys,” And that is how Google is going to teach kids with this new learning strategy.

Project Bloks is open source and is available for toy makers to build what they like with it. It is still a research project for Google so the whole project will be publically available.

If your kid is the kind to completely disassemble the fastest RC trucks that you get him, maybe next time you should gift him a coding project for beginners. Google is not going to put its own toys for sale, but it will work with experts in the field to educate children to create new possibilities for Bloks. Raspberry Pi will also be available to children to play with in San Francisco at Exploratorium.