I know you have been busy reliving your 90s dream of having real life Pokémons. But that shouldn’t expose you to a potential risk in 2016.

If you are playing Pokémon Go and signed up for it with your Google account, the game now has “full account access.” That can be a major security risk. This means by signing up, you have granted the founders access to your Gmail account and inboxes, search history, personal information, Google Photos, everything in Google Drive, search and location history, and more…Not just to read this data, but to modify it too! That mean, while you are busy hunting Pokemons, your data in Google Drive could be deleted/ modified!

Adam Reeve, who first documented the issue on his Tumblr blog, said it appears to be a problem isolated to iPhones and iPads. It’s not thought to affect Android devices.

In my iPhone, the Pokémon Go app didn’t explicitly ask permission for full account access when logging in with a Google username and password. even after signing up, it didn’t specify that it took full account access. Instead, it simply skipped straight to the app’s terms of service, which makes no reference to the full account access.

The super hit AR game debuted earlier July 2016, and is now said to have more users than Twitter in such a short span of time.

Many have used their Google accounts because the company is overwhelmed with sign-ups and it is simpler. Given the popularity of the game, many are instead signing up with their Google accounts, but not realizing the massive privacy invasion.

We read the privacy policy of the game and it shockingly said “Information that we collect from our users, including PII, is considered to be a business asset.”.


Pokemon Go's Privacy Policy


Here’s how you can turn off the access from Google Account. But beware, this might make you lose the game data.

  1. Open the link Apps connected to your account. (It will ask for google login if not already there)
  2. Search for  “Pokemon Go,” then click “Remove Access.”
  3. Confirm by clicking “OK.”