As we all know there are tons of Tesla fans and Tesla has been introducing its new car Model 3. Already preorders have hit over 400,000. They have long wait ahead and they know it.

If you are fan of Tesla, you may have heard Tesla’s supercharger stations. They pretty famous and attractive too. All the people who have ordered the Model 3 are daydreaming about driving their Model 3.

All of those who are dreaming to own a Tesla car and all Tesla fans can now have a min versions of Tesla superchargers. Yes, you heard it right. That attractive mini supercharger can now decorate your table.

One of Tesla enthusiast and fan named Martin Hansen has made the blueprints to 3D pint their own supercharger stations or you can purchase it. It looks like a baby Tesla charger! I know we all love mini things. The charger works with either a Micro USB or Lightning cable and costs $109. Hansen says it’s a “must-have for every TESLA Enthusiast.” You heard him, Tesla fan.