The new TV app of the Cupertino-based iPhone maker is available to all users now, thanks to the tvOS and iOS updates which are rolling out today. The application was first introduced this fall and offers iPad, iPhone and Apple TV users a single destination to access the movies and TV shows from across the app that the user has installed on their device.


A single sign on will let you access content of the app

The application helps the users to keep track of their favorite programs, get recommendations, access to their iTunes store and iTunes library, and search across apps. The notion of a centralized app comes at a time when there are an increasing number of streaming video apps available for watching movies and TV shows on tablets, mobile phones, and other devices.

The new app, dubbed “TV,” is meant to make video viewing easier on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV with a user experience which looks similar to what Netflix offers. However, content from all the major streaming providers, including the video streaming giant, is not available through the TV application. The main focus appears to be on aggregating the content across several individual TV networks’ apps instead of all major services. But both HBO and Hulu are supported at launch of the new app.

The users of United States can easily access content through a single sign-on as the users have to enter their login information only once. During the beta, the tech giant has been adding providers to the list of users that support single sign-on. Today, there are many providers on board, including DirecTV, Sling TV and Dish. However, big names in telecom like Time Warner and Comcast are not included.


Features of Apple’s new TV app

The new TV application has various features for users to assist them in finding something to watch more easily. The user can even tell Siri what they want to watch with Live Tune-in with Siri. They can even ask Siri which games are on right now and tell her the name of the TV show they want to watch. Siri will immediately launch the stream the user asks for, without them needing to navigate to the live stream within the TV application.

The fun doesn’t end here, the user can even ask Siri for ideas by saying things like “Show me great festive movies” or “What should I watch tonight?”

The user’s progress with the TV show or a movie will be synced between devices as well, so they can continue viewing one or pick up on some other. There are sections inside the TV app that will aid the user in discovering what is on and what they may like. An “Up Next” section points the user to those shows or movies that they have purchased or that are new rentals whereas a “Watch Now” section includes all movies and shows from both apps and iTunes. The new app works on all 4th gen Apple TVs and will arrive in the latest version of its mobile software, iOS 10.2.