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The tech giant’s recent news include latest iPhone 8 leaks, Apple blocking Samsung Pay from iOS, musical use for the Touch Bar, etc. Apple Loop recently came up with some new information about the Cupertino-based smartphone maker. According to the most recent leaks, wireless charging from a distance of over 15 feet will be used for the upcoming smartphone.


Apple to include wireless charging in the iPhone 8

The Silicon Valley giant is bringing a revolutionary smartphone feature in its iPhone 8, which is not available on its iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. According to the latest rumors about the iPhone 8, a different form of wireless charging will be used for the flagship phone of the tech giant. Instead of using the Qi style induction charging at close proximity, the rumors suggest that the wireless charging from a distance of over 15ft. will be used. The Qi standard is capable of wireless charging over distances of up to 1.6 inches (4 cms). Hence, this change in the technology sounds like a better solution.

The other smartphone making companies, including HTC, Huawei, Samsung and Google, use the Qi open interface standard for inductive charging. The phablet sized iPhone 7 proved to be a popular smartphone when it was released. As demand of the smartphone rose, it experienced notable stock shortages.

According to the tech giant, the iPhone 7 Plus has the best camera that it has ever created. The iPhone maker, probably still wants people to believe that its upgrade in the camera was the reason of increase in sales of iPhone 7 Plus, however, we think that the destructive sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 brought the hike in iPhone sales. The report of Galaxy Note 7 overheating and exploding was the biggest news in the smartphone market this year.


What was the biggest disappointment of this year? 

When it comes to technology, the biggest disappointment of the year was Galaxy Note 7. The Galaxy Note 7 was the best Android smartphone that one could purchase at release but it became a danger to several users quickly. The smartphone maker had to recall the device and then terminate it when the problem remained unsolved. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge uses the Qi standard tech.

The tech giant has something much more ambitious planned, according to some recent leaks from the Silicon Valley. According to the reports, the smartphone maker has struck a deal with Energous, a wireless charging company which developed a wireless charging solution codenamed WattUp RF. The tech, WattUp RF, is capable of charging smartphones from up to 15 feet (4 meters). According to the company, the technology can be included in several kinds of electronics, including tablets, cameras, remote controls, smartphones, wireless keyboard, wearables, computer mice, and more. The RF system (Radio Frequency) uses a same kind of system as Wi-Fi to deliver secure wire-free charging solution. Around 12 different receiver devices can be organized by the system at the same time, according to Energous. We have no more details about the partnership right now but we will keep you updated.