Source: GSMArena

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 was a huge disappointment this year. After the device was launched, people were queuing up to buy the smartphone as soon as possible, however, after a few months, several report about the phone exploding while charging started surfacing. The phone brought a huge loss to the Korean-based smartphone maker.


Here’s why Samsung terminated its Galaxy Note 7

Samsung, the Korea-based smartphone maker, had to recall its devices after multiple reports of explosions. Later, the tech company had to terminate the device because the issue of batteries exploding while charging did not solve. The fix that the smartphone maker applied to its smartphone did not halt the batteries from overheating and exploding.

According to several reports, the smartphone maker began investigating the matter right away, however, had problem replicating the issues. By the end of the year, the tech giant promised a formal explanation and according to a new report, the tech company knows what caused the Galaxy Note 7 explosions.  But, the Korean smartphone maker has not revealed the problem yet. It seems that the tech giant is not ready to tell the people about the issue just yet.

The Korean technology giant has completed its internal investigation and has reported its research to outside laboratories including the UL and the Korea Testing Laboratory, according to The Investor. The results have not been shared with the media yet. Multiple reports attempted to explain what caused the explosion of batteries in the Galaxy Note 7. Some of them suggested that the tech giant was in rush to deliver the smartphone before the iPhone 7 which caused the fires. The Galaxy Note 7 was supposed to be the biggest iPhone 7 competitor in the smartphone market.

Also, some experts suggest that the Korean tech giant was trying to deliver a product that had many design consistencies which led to overheating and fire accidents. According to the report by The Investor, the Korean company is not happy with its employees leaking data about its upcoming devices.


Samsung mobile business chief says the company suffered damages due to data leaks

On Thursday, Koh Dong-jin, Samsung mobile business chief, said in an internal memo to employees that he feels deeply regretful to hear news of the recent attempts at prototype leak and data breach. Interestingly, that emailed also leaked.

He added that due to the leak of important data on business strategies and product design to China, the Korean smartphone maker had a bitter experience. He further said that due to leaks of essential information, Samsung Electronics had suffered damages in the past as well. The Korean company, after the Galaxy Note 7 scandal, is trying to make a strong comeback in the smartphone market with the Galaxy S8. The smartphone is expected to have a curved bezel-less display, and an iris scanner. The Investor says the upcoming smartphone would go on sale next year in April.