Source: TechCrunch

Tesla Motors, the electric car making giant, said in an announcement on Friday said that it is imposing an idling fee to car owners who leave their charged cars at charging spots on its Supercharger network. The electric car making giant said that the move is purely about increasing customer happiness and they hope to never make money from it.


Tesla finally knows how to solve the Supercharging Network problem

The “Supercharger idle fee” will accrue at the rate of $0.40, including tax, for every minute the vehicle stands idle in the charging station. Also, the fee is application to the entire fleet of Tesla cars, including the Model S and Model X. But if the vehicle vacates the charging area within five minutes, the idling fee will be waived off completely. The maximum fee is $2 for five minutes.

The announcement reads that the automaker designed the Supercharger network to allow a seamless and an enjoyable road trip experience. Further, it reads, “Therefore, we understand that it can be frustrating to arrive at a station only to discover fully charged Tesla cars occupying all the spots.” The electric carmaker is introducing a fleet-wide idle fee that aims to hike the availability of Supercharger to create a better experience for all owners.

The electric carmaker said it hopes that in the future, fully charged cars will remove themselves from charging spots so the other cars can use them. The automaker added that right now, the car owners are notified a minute or two before their cars complete charging. If the user does not remove the car from the spot after their car is charged, they are sent another notification. The user gets around five minutes to remove the car after that particular notification and if they still do not remove their car, the U.S.-based automaker will start charging him.


Tesla will charge you only if all Supercharger bays are occupied: Musk

If you are wondering how you will know the amount of money that you will be charged, do not wonder anymore as the auto making company will notify you through alerts. You can pay the amount whenever you visit the service center. There is no upper limit to the fee and the Tesla owner will not be charged if other Supercharger spots are free.

The U.S.-based automaker said a consumer would never leave a vehicle parked by the pump at a gas station and the same thinking applies to Superchargers. The automaker said that they understand it can be very annoying to arrive at a station only to find a completely charged Tesla car occupying the spot. Superchargers can charge a Tesla car in nearly 30 minutes.

Elon Musk, the Chief executive of the electric car maker, said on Twitter that drivers will only pay if the Supercharger bays are busy.

“If the site is basically deserted, no problem to park” added the chief executive.