Apple Inc. recently came out with AirPods for iPhones and people are wondering whether it would be good buy or bad. Are AirPods really worth the $159? Well, according to several reviews, they are actually worth the expensive price tag. Another important thing: No, they would not fall out of your ears.


AirPods better than the normal headphones

Apple has a solution to almost everything, so when it announced the elimination of headphone jack from its iPhone 7, it also announced the release of a new set of wireless headphones, known as AirPods. The Cupertino-based smartphone maker claimed that they were so great that users would not even miss the headphone jack. Many experts and users doubted this and criticized the Silicon Valley giant for pulling this stunt.

The wireless headphones came out around three months after the release of the new iPhone, and now that they are here, people want to know about their merits and demerits. Would these expensive wireless headphones really solve every issue that an iPhone music lover actually has without the headphone jack? We think it will resolve some problems but it will bring a whole set of new problems as well, just like other Apple products.

The AirPods, with no onboard buttons, require users to ask Siri to do everything, from adjusting the volume to changing a music track. In addition to this, Siri does not have the same abilities in all music applications. The Silicon Valley giant brought this restriction to steer people towards Apple Music.

As for fitting inside the ear, the wireless headphones remain stable even when you are jogging, running, head-banging, dancing, riding a stationary bike, sprinting to catch the bus, and hanging upside down. The AirPods would not fall out even if you are trying to dislodge water out of your ear.


AirPods sound amazing, but Siri holds them back

The headphones are not very comfortable as they to be adjusted for various things, like while wearing a scarf, running, jumping, etc. With AirPods, the user would not have that problem. Also, AirPods are great if the user wants to go wireless. They are virtually the same shape as the EarPods, just with a bit more heft. They perch right in your ear openings and stay put better than the silicone-tipped earbuds or EarPods.

The sound of AirPods is great, as good as the $130 pair of Bose MIE2i in-ear headphones (now discontinued). The wireless headphones have plenty of volume and full, detailed sound. However, the AirPods experience is somewhat marred by Siri. You have to just click a button on the inline remote to turn up the volume with the free EarPods but with AirPods, you have to double-click one AirPod, wait for the music to pause and the Siri chime to sound, and say “Turn up the volume.” You have to wait another couple of seconds for your music to resume, a notch louder. This is an irritating process and this is the main disadvantage of AirPods.