Source: GSMArena

After what happened with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the Korean smartphone maker is being very meticulous about its S8. The Galaxy S8 needs to be big and the Korea-based smartphone making giant is going to do just that. According to a new leak from Naver, a South Korean site, the tech giant is planning something big for is S8, big as in “literally big.”


Samsung S8 Plus to come with a 6-inch display

According to a report from Forbes, the upcoming S8 will come in a 5-inch display package, whereas the S8 Plus will come in a 6-inch display package. A 6-inch display sounds large, even larger than the 5.7-inch of Note 7, which has been recalled by the smartphone maker now.

However, the 6-inch S8 plus smartphone would not be bigger than the sleek build of the Note 7 as there are rumors swirling around about the next Galaxy smartphone going near bezel-less just like the Mi Mix by Xiaomi. The source familiar with the matter says both S8 and S8 Plus models will have a curved screen. This report is similar to the previous rumors of the Korean smartphone maker scrapping the flat model completely.

The decision of the Korean company to come with such large screen for the S8 Plus is interesting as Samsung Electronics has always allowed the Note line to stand out from the S line by being the large smartphone.


Would you buy a bezel-less phone which resembles Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

Even last year with Note 7, which looked like a refined version of S7 Edge, many people had already started to comment that the differences between the two lines were reducing with time.

Now with the tarnished name of the Note line and the S8 Plus going completely into Note screen category, we are thinking that this means the Korea-based smartphone maker will no longer be coming with a Note 8. Both S8 and S8 Plus will disclosed in New York in April. We assume that by now, the Korean smartphone maker has figured out the cause of the battery problems of Note 7 if they are moving full on with the S8 launch.

Forbes reported about two days ago that Xiaomi and Huawei have also launched quite beautiful curved screen smartphones which look just like the Note7. If the report is true, then the Korean smartphone maker has to continue to innovate. If there is a bezel-less smartphone which looks similar to the beautiful Note 7 without the laggy software, people would be queuing up to buy it.