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The recent reports add an increasing pile of rumors surrounding the hardware of the next gen iPhone but at the same time, these reports conflict with predictions that said the Cupertino-based smartphone maker will be releasing three iPhone models next year. The tech giant, in particular, is said to market a pair of iPhone 7 upgrades along with a high-end iPhone X or “iPhone 8.”


Apple to come with an iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus?

The top-tier and high-end model of the Silicon Valley giant will feature exotic tech like an invisible Touch ID home button, a “glass sandwich” enclosure, a flexible OLED screen measuring 5.1 or 5.2 inches, and wireless charging, according to well-connected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The claims (of a 5-inch form factor) made by Kuo are further backed by the report of Mac Otakara.  However, Mac Otakara deviates on internal specifications of the smartphone.

As plans for an iPhone 8 solidify, the tech giant might be asking some suppliers to make components for a mid-size “s” cycle iPhone chassis. Is the speculation a mere speculation only? Or is it something more? For instance, the yields through OLED are of particular concern for a smartphone device which is produced at scale. The long-distance wireless charging and the bleeding edge technology is not proven yet. Similarly, the outlook of the “s” cycle hardware looks murky.

Most recent rumors claim that the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus variants might not include wireless charging or OLED displays and will retain the aesthetic debuted with iPhone 7 in September. But all reports are conflicting at best.


Apple saving the best changes for the iPhone 8

Details in relation to the “iPhone 7s” are not certain at this point of time. If the Silicon Valley giant does follow suit with the previous “s” phones then we anticipate seeing internal changes instead of a radical design refresh in the phone. However, it is believed that the tech giant is saving the main design changes for a new iPhone model: the iPhone 8.

Already, the device iPhone 8, whose named has not even been confirmed by the iPhone making giant, is said to feature wireless charging, an OLED display, all-glass design, and much more. There is still so much uncertainty surrounding the phone which is expected to be released by the tech giant next year near September. The phone will be the next phone in the Apple iPhone lineup.

As for specifications about the iPhone 7s, we would probably hear more about the product as we get closer to its release but the final word will come when the phone – iPhone 7s, iPhone 8, iPhone 7s Plus – will end up being called or unveiled. Would you be interested in an iPhone 7s that has a 5-inch screen and a dual-camera design? Comment here.