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2016 is finally coming to an end, hence, we are trying to look back at the best smartphones that this year offered us. The design of the smartphone has gotten a little boring but that does not mean that the smartphones are disappointing. In contrast, this year showed that if one is looking to buy a handset then a device with great performance and specifications is available at the very right budget as well.

Top five smartphones of 2016

We have reviewed some of the best smartphones of this year and came with top five. The price range of all these phones is above Rs. 25,000, as they are the best. These are the top five smartphones of 2016:

iPhone 7 Plus

The Cupertino based smartphone maker’s iPhone 7 Plus is the best smartphone is the market today and it is the best phone device that came out this year. The design of this iPhone has not changed much but it is still great when it comes to performance or usage. Also, the iPhone 7 Plus passed all benchmark tests, including water test, scratch test.  If a person is looking for a reliable flagship device that would not let him down for the next two years then the iPhone 7 Plus is the best device.

The dust and water resistant design of the smartphone is another added advantage. Also, the smartphone comes with a dual-rear camera system, making it the best camera phone by Apple.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The Korean smartphone maker had a bad experience with its Galaxy Note 7 which was recalled by the company later. Samsung Electronics started the year 2016 with the Galaxy S7 edge, which helped getting the smartphone division of the company back into profit. The curved display of the Galaxy S7 edge along with the metal and glass design of smartphone made this premium flagship phone better than any other phone at the same price range. This smartphone was great in performance as well but it was overthrown by the iPhone 7 Plus in low-light performance and camera (the Galaxy S7 Edge has a dual-pixel 12MP rear camera).

Google Pixel

Google Pixel is the best Android phone in the market today. The large screen phones, Pixel and Pixel XL, were released by the search giant in October 2016. The devices come with a premium pricing and that puts them in direct competition with the Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S flagships.

The smartphone has unlimited storage for videos and photos and it has the ability to transfer all data from your previous device. Even the data from an iPhone can be transferred so people looking to change their Apple iPhone can now switch to Google Pixel.

One Plus 3

Another great smartphone is One Plus 3 which has become synonymous with the motto “Never Settle”. The brand “One Plus” wants its flagship phones to be the best and quite affordable. The One Plus 3, which is not inexpensive is, however, way cheaper than the other smartphones mentioned above.

The overall performance of the phone is great and it has an impressive camera plus battery life.

Moto Z

Moto Z is also an amazing smartphone made by Motorola. Moto Z offers good performance, a great camera and a good battery life. Also, the phone is affordable for mainstream buyers.