Source: Startup Success Stories

Startups are usually small companies that have to run their business on a small enterprise-level budget. However, they have to also make sure that they are capable of allowing on-the-go productivity without an expensive MDM (mobile device management) software and a large IT department.

And fortunately, there are several free and excellent mobile applications that can assist startups in competing against richer and bigger companies. We have listed seven mobile apps in this article that the startups should rollout immediately for easy work and fast growth.

Microsoft Power BI

The owner will need to analyze data and disseminate data to employees as their startup starts to find its footing in the market. The app, Microsoft BI, gives the person access to several different ways to control real-time data and trends for business performance, marketing campaigns, overall spending, and much more. The best thing is that the mobile and desktop software is free up to 1GB. Download the iOS or mobile Android app to update those interactive charts on your mobile device.


You will need a strong e-commerce tool if you are planning or selling any of your products online. X-Cart provides a free plan that allows you to build a website with a host of add-on modules, a SEO-friendly (search engine optimization) catalog, and responsive design. You can not only check the dashboard of your website for your current orders and sales stats but also use this app to send messages and do much more. X-Cart is, unfortunately, not available on Android devices.

Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable allows you to scan meeting notes, business cards, documents, and other paper-based file quickly via the camera of your smartphone. You will be able to share the paper document via the app, upload it to the cloud, to LinkedIn, or upload it wherever you want. This app is free both on iOS and Android devices.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM provides your startup access to marketing, basic sales lead, forecasting tools, limited reporting tools and customer-support automation.


Is your Startup not using LinkedIn? Okay, where are you guys? You require LinkedIn to search for new talents and know about an individual’s work before hiring them. You could be one developer, one business, one partner or one salesperson away from conquering your vertical. The app is free on both Android and iOS apps and features easy connection management, strong push notification customization and easy contact.

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a strong applicant tracking tool, especially if the business or an individual is already using other Zoho SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) apps like the CRM app. The free plan of this app offers access to one administrator who can handle around five jobs. This application is available on both iOS and Android devices. It allows you to input, track and publish jobs. For starters, the user will receive five custom email templates.

Google Drive

The Google Drive has free online storage service up to 15 GB and has amazing features like file-syncing and productivity suite. Obviously, the files that are shared with you and that you create using Google Sheets, Google Docs and other in-Drive applications do not count towards that quota. The app is available on Android and iOS mobile apps.