This year has finally come to an end. There are only few hours left before the New Year arrives and we start to work towards completing our resolutions. The New Year resolutions mostly are about eating better, exercising more, learning a new thing or skill and letting go at least one habit. However this year, the tech enthusiasts should make some new resolutions. Here are five tech resolutions that you should keep to protect your data and be safer online.

Unsubscribe from junk email lists

If you are getting a lot of junk emails on your inbox, just like the 90% of the people who use internet then you must be spending a lot of time in deleting them. Those emails could be newsletters that you no longer require or read. Or they could be emails related to deal promotions from online and offline stores from where you have purchased something before. The junk emails do not only clog your email but waste your time as well.

Hence, what you should resolute to do this year is unsubscribe from seven lists every day.  After doing this for a week, you will note some change in your email list. Now, continue doing that for a month and you will note by the end of the year, you will spend a lot less time in deleting junk emails.

Organize your photos

If you are anything like me, then you must have an out of control photo-library. Now, take five minutes out of every day next year and organize the photos which are stored across hard drives, albums, mobile devices, online services and countless albums. Start with a plan, and funnel all your photos into the same place, delete the duplicate copies (which you must have) and the ones you do not want anymore.

Amazon, the online retailing giant, offers its Prime subscribers an unlimited photo storage and about 5GB of video storage. Even Google Photos offers unlimited photos and videos options, just with some limitations regarding resolution of photos. Dump your photos in these places and save the much needed space from your desktop.

Set up automated backups

Archiving your data has never been easier. Flash drives and external hard drives continue to shrink in price and grow in capacity so the financial burden is less. The same is for cloud storage that makes data preservation an automated and simple affair.  We want to protect our documents, presentations, photos, PDFs, etc.

You can restore your Windows and program easily if your computer croaks but the data must be preserved. The simplest option would be Google Drive, Set up Dropbox, a cloud-storage service or Microsoft OneDrive. By doing this, make sure all your data files and folders are synced.

Recycle old tech

Let go your old printers, old tables and phones, or old laptops and desktops coming year. If your old technology is collecting dust then recycle it. Take the old tech to your local Goodwill store or Salvation Army.

Happy New Year