Source: Mirror

Last year, 2016, was a great year for the tech industry. Many new things came while several old techs were updated. But the year had its share of essential breakthroughs as well. Also, the year had debuts that changed how we play, work, and live. In 2016, Virtual reality made a huge comeback and it surely will get more viral in 2017. Virtual assistants like Siri moved out of our smartphones and into our homes. Also, smart home technologies are expected to eventually break through to the mainstream after years of work.


Internet Of Things

For years, Internet of Things or IoT has been on the list of almost everybody but it was not able to catch on. Interoperability seems to be the main issue. The IoT, in theory, is supposed to connect all the devices together, make them sing in technological harmony. Multiple wireless technologies now work to serve the smart home requirements of the customer, such as Z-Wave, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, and much more.

Also, there is so much to consider for smart home platforms, like SmartThings, Wink, Iris by Lowe’s and security systems such as ADT. Device manufacturers will concentrate on interoperability between themselves instead of using a centralized hub.


AI And Automation

At least on the business side, automation is not new today. But our experiences with automated tech have not been much, other than the automated customer service. The Automated customer service would not go away but it will get better. The online customer service will, at the same time, be automated because of better chat-bots and artificial intelligence that actually understand context better than before.

Now, more and more jobs will be automated this year as well. We see smart designs learn our patterns, preferences and gain from increased automation without us making accurate suggestions or needing to give them any recommendations.


3D Printing for Everyone

For almost a half-decade now, the Consumer-grade 3D printers have been around but the cost of printer are way above the level that most of the people could afford. This ought to change this year. A good 3D printer can be found today for $200-300, half the price that they cost two to three years ago. The price of 3D printer should decline even more and new models are anticipated to release, such as the $149 PocketMaker 3D, and the $99 101Hero, that will decline the cost even more.