Source: O2

Apparently, the Sony Xperia X users are getting something good this New Year. Android 7.1.1 is available for some Sony Xperia X handsets now as part of the smartphone company’s concept Android software program. The Japan-based smartphone maker has begun to launch the software as build number 38.3.A.0.41.


Software available for only some Xperia X devices

The software is only available for Sony Xperia X devices that have signed up to be part of the concept software program.  This is an over-the-air update that means those users who are already on a concept software build will see the OTA download show up on their handset, however, if the alert has not shown up yet then users who should be getting the software, can check for the software update manually as well. They can do this by tapping on “About phone” on the settings menu and then further clicking on “Software Update”.

Already, the Sony Xperia X had Android 7.0 Nougat as a concept software build, hence, there would not be a large cache of new functions and features available once the software is installed on the smartphones. However, there are some changes that are listed by the Japan-based smartphone making giant as part of the changelog. This includes the Android 7.1.1 specific changes as well as the December 1st Android Security Update, like the App Shortcuts API.

The smartphone maker makes note of some other changes as well. Those changes are specific to Sony devices, such as the support for PS4 Remote Play on the Concept builds (but it would not support the DualShock 4 controllers). This means that the users who are running their Sony Xperia X on the concept Nougat software will have to play games with the digital on screen touch controls of Remote Play for sometime.


Sony adds few features that consumers demanded most

The Japanese smartphone maker has added in the ability to restart the smartphone from the power off menu of the smartphone as well. According to the smartphone maker, the said feature was one of the most requested features and it would appear that the smartphone maker was quite happy to oblige its users in that case.

In addition to all this, the camera now also starts up faster than before. This means faster pictures, a very advantageous improvement for users who take several pictures in a day. Further, the smartphone maker had explained that Android 7.1.1 Nougat was a priority and they wanted to be the first smartphone making company to use this version of Nougat on non-Google devices as well. They were able to do so. This is still a concept software build which means that the smartphone company may not be the first smartphone to push a finalized build out to their smartphones officially.