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A new year has started and with it has come the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. On Thursday, the show officially starts but we have a lot of news regarding the CES content. You must be wondering about what to expect this year. We know that we can expect, it could be related to automotive tech, VR spectacles, drones and the usual TVs.

OLED TVs to come this CES 2017

For weeks, we have been waiting for the CES information. The classic spectacle of CES is televisions. The show has amazing and large displays everywhere you look. We are expecting the theme to be HDR and 4K in 2017. The price barrier for entering 4K is almost gone, so this year, we can see TV manufacturers sell the content and convince people that Ultra HD is important to any modern living room.

All the big electronics companies, including Sony, Panasonic, LG and Samsung, will be there with these large booths to showcase their most advanced and latest displays. In addition to this, countless companies like TCL, LeEco, Hisense and more will be trying to stand out on the show floor as well.

LG will return with its stunning OLED TVs and according to rumors, Sony might be launching some OLEDs as well in 2017. Samsung could bring some iteration to its curved TVs and it is rumored that Panasonic and other TV makers are planning something big for the Vegas show. We can anticipate to see many Chromecast, Android TV, Roku TV, WebOS (at least for LG), and Tizen too.

Self-driving cars will also be a huge part of the Vegas show

Many people call the CES show the ‘Car Electronics Show’ and this year cars are going to be an important part of them. A few years ago, Ford was the only automaker of the Las Vegas show but now there are many car suppliers and automakers preparing for the ‘Consumer Electronics Show.’

The show will likely be all about self-driving cars this year. The autonomous technology that was once just something we were expecting to come at some time in future has arrived now and we are excited about it. Uber has deployed its automated cars in a few cities for people to test and it looks like 2017 is going to be the year when we actually get close to riding in a self-driving car.

Our cars will be connected to internet just like our house. Now, more and more cars are equipped with cellular data connections to send information to the cloud about important issues like maintenance problems in cars, reminders about updates, low tire warnings, etc.

There are other things as well and we will keep you updated.