Source: CNET

We were all waiting for CES 2017 and for companies that promised to bring new technology. It looks like Faraday Future stole the show even before the actual show, which is supposed to take place in Las Vegas on Thursday, could happen. The automaker unveiled its FF 91 recently. The electric car FF 91 has a ‘driverless valet’ system and F1 acceleration but concerns persist the electric car may never go into production. The automaker Faraday Future revealed ‘a new species’ of car on Tuesday night in Las Vegas.


Tesla rival comes out with an electric car, which has amazing features

The electric car sedan will have the ability to learn and adapt to the driver and the acceleration of a Formula One car. According to the electric car making company, the car FF 91 will go into production in 2018 and would see the automaker compete with the Tesla Motors for the electric car sports car market. The FF 91 can accelerate 0-60 mph in 2.39 seconds and has 1,050 horsepower while the electric cars made by the EV making giant, for instance, the Tesla Model S P100D, can reach 0 to 60mph in only 2.5 seconds.

The release of the electric car came ahead of the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) that starts on Thursday. The electric car would feature a ‘driverless valet’ system, said Nick Sampson, senior vice president at Faraday Future. Simpson said the driver valet system is a system where the driver can leave the car and order it to park itself. Also, the car will have two aerodynamic antennas that will allow the car to essentially act as a big wireless router.

By recognizing the face of the driver, the FF 91 will unlock itself and will learn things about its driver. Also, the car will adapt to those preferences continually. There is an increasing skepticism as to whether this sports car/sedan/ artificial brain, which would be the first ever production car of Faraday Future, will ever be built despite all the promises made by the automaker.


Will the electric car ever come to the car market for sale?

Last year in November, Aecom, the company which is in charge of constructing the $1bn Faraday Future car factory, halted work over unpaid invoices. According to reports, three key executives including Ding Lei, the acting global CEO of Faraday, quit the automaker in the space of a week in December.

Even Sampson referenced the issues at the release. He said, “Despite all the naysayers and the skeptics we will persist.”

In addition to this, the FF 91 features a circular glowing light on the hood, similar to the one on Iron Man’s chest. The car was the fastest and it would be the second-fastest production car ever made if the claims made by Faraday Future about the car achieving 60mph in 2.39 secs are accurate. The audience watched a live video of the FF 91 parking itself in a parking lot outside as well. People can register to take delivery of the electric car for a deposit of $5,000.