Source: Phone Arena

Samsung, the South Korea based smartphone making giant, has set an initial production target of 10 million Galaxy S8 phones, according to the report by South Korea’s Electronic Times. The publisher cited unnamed sources and reported the information this Thursday.

Samsung looking to hike up sales through the upcoming S8

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. is counting on the S8 to rejuvenate sales after it recalled the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in 2016. Galaxy Note 7 had one of the biggest product safety failures in the history of tech.

The firm has not yet revealed the reason behind the overheating and explosion problems in Galaxy Note 7. The top smartphone maker in the world would begin production in March and is planning to begin selling the smartphones in April. Last year in March, the Galaxy S7 smartphones went on sale. The South Korean company did not comment on speculation, said a Samsung spokesman.

Samsung making radical design changes in its Galaxy Note 8

In other news, it looks like the smartphone maker has jaw dropping and eye popping plans for the Galaxy Note 8 in 2017. The news source SamMobile learned some news things about the upcoming phone. According to the reliable source, the South-Korean smartphone maker is planning to give its Galaxy Note 8 a 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) AMOLED display. Now, that would be a “game changing” display.

Even before, 4K displays have been rumored for the smartphones (and one even appeared in the Sony Xperia Z5) but they made less sense until now. There is a reason: Virtual Reality. 4K displays is held by many smartphone experts as the key that the high resolution phones will require to provide a viewing environment that is convenient when the phone is very close to the user’s eye.

And we all know that if there is any device that can hold a 4K display and bolt on the sizeable battery, which is required to keep in running, then it is the famous and long lasting line of Samsung: the Note.

In addition to this, it would give the South-Korean smartphone maker a headline grabbing aspect for the Galaxy Note 8. Also, it follows the latest debuts and release schedules and is coming before the overhauled OLED iPhone 8 makes its way into the market. Its main competition would be the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The tech company already produces the industry leading and best smartphone panels in the phone market. Each panel that the smartphone company released in recent years has managed to be more power efficient than the previous one.