Apple’s AirPod users love the long battery life, the simplicity and the range of the wireless headphones that costs around $159. The wireless headphones of the Cupertino based smartphone maker are ridiculously simply to use and pair with iPads, iPhones and other Apple products. However, the AirPods come with a less exciting feature as well: the one-touch access to Siri.


Beats Solo3 vs. Airpods, Which is better?

The AirPods have no other physical controls except the one-touch access to Siri.  This means that the user has to ask Siri for almost everything, from changing the tracks to raising the volume. Also, the AirPods look a little dorky. The main thing about the AirPods is the brand-new W1 chip that comes with the wireless headphones. The W1 Chip is a proprietary enhancement to Bluetooth that adds efficiency, simplicity and range to any headphones. But now it looks like the AirPods are not the only headphones in the market with the W1-chip equipped in them.

So if you do not like the Apple’s AirPods then you can add some more money and buy yourself the over-ear Beats Solo3 Wireless headphone. The Beats Solo3 is a little more expensive at $299 and not what we would call a fashion statement.

But in comparison to AirPods, Solo3 has more merits. Since Beats is an Apple subsidiary, the quality of the headphones would not be surprising.


What Beats Solo 3 has that Apple AirPods doesn’t?

While we were reviewing the Apple AirPods, we noted syncing them to our iPhone or our iPad was very simple. With Beats Solo3, the sync to the iPhone devices is just that simple. You just have to hold the button down next to an unlocked iPhone for a second and the device will prompt you to connect. See? It is that easy.

Once the headphones are synced to your iPhone, it is automatically synced with all your Apple devices. It appears automatically as an audio output option on any Mac, Apple Watch, iPad that is synced with your iCloud account. Switching between devices takes just a moment.

Other than that, the W1 chip handles the battery life on wireless headphones efficiently, which means that the Cupertino-based smartphone maker can provide 5 hours of listening time per charge. As for Solo3, we noted that even after 5 days of heavy usage, the battery charge was at 70% that is great.

In addition to all this, the Beats Solo3 has buttons that AirPods lack. The Solo 3 headphones have real physical buttons on the side so that the user can skip and pause tracks or increase and decrease the volume without fishing out their phone from their pocket or bag.