Have you seen the 2018 F-Type Jaguar? Well, if you have then you must know just how pretty that amazing car is. Recently, the car making giant Jaguar has unveiled the 2018 F-Type that is joined by a 400 Sport special edition and upgraded outside and inside for the new model year.


The difference between the last version and latest version of Jaguar 2018 F-Type

The car will be provided as either a convertible or a coupe and in either all-wheel or rear-wheel drive. The difference between the last year and this year model would be the updated LED taillights and new LED headlamps. Also, there are new seats inside the vehicle. These seats are slimmer and lighter than the old version models. According to Jaguar, the seats have the welcoming effect of trimming more than 17 pounds or over 8 Kg of weight.

Apparently, the seats will be more supportive and comfortable than the previous seats of F-Type versions of Jaguar. Both performance and sports version of the car will be offered. Both versions will use a pressure diecast magnesium alloy frame and also a new tan leather color option. To all the 2018 F-Type cars, the most recent version of InControl Touch Pro infotainment system of Jaguar is fitted as standard, with navigation, smartphone connectivity and a widescreen display. Further, the car comes with the latest integration of Jaguar with GoPro.

The action camera making giant has worked with the carmaker on an application called ReRun. The app, which is controlled from the InControl Touch Pro display, shoots video while recording speed at the same time. The app throttles position, brakes force, gear selections, and brakes g force from the 2018 F-Type. For sharing and review, the video can be transferred to a smartphone.


The complete line-up and pricing details

In the meantime, the F-Type400 Sport Launch Edition will just be offered as a model year 2018 car. It gets the 3.0-liter supercharged V6 of the automaker upgraded to 394 HP (or 400 PS) to do the 0-60 mph run in 4.0 seconds. The car will be offered in only Santorini Black, Yulong White, or Indus Silver options. The 8-speed automatic transmission will be standard.

The R-Dynamic F-Type will stick around for longer time. It will be provided as a package for the 380PS and 340PS versions of the supercharged V6 car. The automaker added the 19- and 20-inch alloy wheels with Gloss Black aperture bezels to the front bumper. Moreover, the hood vents, the side sills, rear diffuser and the front splitter will get the same paint-job.

Now, the full line-up consists of:

  • The 575PS 5.0-liter V8 SVR
  • The 550PS 5.0-liter V8 SVR
  • The 3.0-liter V6 in 380PS
  • The 3.0-liter V6 in 340PS
  • In 400 Sport 400PS form

The price of the cars is not confirmed yet but we do know that the existing 2017 F-Type starts at $61,400. The 2018 car will show up in dealerships from first quarter of 2017, according to the car maker.