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2016 was a good year for Lenovo. The smartphone maker ended last year as the second ranked smartphone seller in India, one of the rising economies worldwide, in terms of share in the smartphone market. Recently, a new IDC study was released which showed that the smartphone making company saw a rise in its sales in the last quarter of 2016 during the holiday season. Though, we should mention that the increase was in sales of both Lenovo products and Motorola products.

Motorola, which is a part of Lenovo now, saw high demand in its Moto G4 series and the Moto E3 Power while Lenovo saw huge demand in K5 series. The smartphone company, which is based in China, launched the Lenovo K6 Note and Lenovo K6 Power in Dec. 2016. In India, the smartphone company started the year 2017 with the launch of Lenovo P2. The phone was first revealed last year at IFA and it is coming to the country within four months of its worldwide debut. Here is our review:

The Review: The few things that you might love about the Lenovo P2:

  • Large Battery
  • The incredible design
  • Great security features
  • Mid-range, affordable
  • Metal-body, with aluminum finish
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Supports “nano” sim


What the Lenovo P2 lacks:

  • The design is similar to its predecessor Lenovo P1
  • Camera not as good as expected
  • Heavy, around 177 grams
  • User will have to use both hands for typing message or playing games

Lenovo is promoting other aspects of the smartphone with its new series. The other features will include camera, design and security features. Also, the pricing of the phone is amazing, starting at Rs. 16,999. This puts the smartphone in the mid-range category. The smartphone features an all-metal body finish with the aluminum material which makes the phone look and feel sturdy.

However, if you are looking for a new design, you are bound to be disappointed. In terms of design, the Lenovo P2 has nothing new. The overall polish on the new phone gives the phone a premium feel. Also, another shortcoming about the phone is the empty space below and above the display.

The home button, physical button instead of touch, has an integrated fingerprint scanner. The smartphone Lenovo P2 will be releasing in two shades in India: the Graphite Grey and Champagne Gold.

The phone is heavy, at 177 grams, and that is explained by the large battery inside it. The China-based smartphone making giant keeps stressing the fact that the Lenovo P2 is thinner than the Lenovo P1. The Lenovo P2 and P1 are measured 8.3mm and 9.9mm thick, respectively. For everyday use, the phone is on the heavier side and the user will need both his hands to use the phone comfortably. In comparison to Moto G4, both the phones are amazing at the price range but the Lenovo P2 is better.