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Chris Lattner, the creator of Swift – an uber popular programming language – and head of developer tools, declared this week that he was leaving the Cupertino-based smartphone maker to work with Tesla Motors. People leave their jobs for several reasons, from low wages to new better work to better pay etc., but Lattner is not leaving the tech giant for any of the mentioned reasons.

Apple’s Culture of Secrecy was what Lattner didn’t like: Source

A person who is familiar with the circle of developer friends of Lattner told Business Insider recently why Lattner was leaving the Silicon Valley giant. The source told BI why Lattner was calling it quits almost half a decade later, especially when one of his own major contributions has taken off.

Lattner did not respond to request for comment on the matter. The source told BI that one big reason why Lattner is leaving is that the culture of secrecy of the iPhone maker was finally wearing down on him. The source said it was mostly (troubling him) because it was his work, his job to create tools of open source developer. It is very difficult to be closed/secret and open/open source at the same time.

The source added that Lattner always felt constrained at the tech giant in terms of what he could publicly discuss, resorting to surprise presentations, off-the-record chats, and other similar things. The person added, “Similarly I know he was constrained in recruiting and other areas. Eventually I know that can really wear people down.”

This is also not the first time someone has left Apple for the same issue

In addition to this, this isn’t the first time that the Cupertino-based giant has people leaving its company for other tech companies or social networks. The Silicon Valley giant, as we all know, has some strict rules when it comes to privacy and secrecy over partnerships. Back in 2015, an entire networking team of the tech giant quit within a week when the iPhone maker asked them to build a bullet-proof network and later declined to let them collaborate with other companies.

The tech giant did not allow the team to share anything with other company doing the same work via an organization called OCP. OCP is the Open Commute Project which is led by the social media giant ‘Facebook.’

The networking team of the tech giant had then taken their networking tech and released their own startup called SnapRoute that has taken the network world by storm. Apple, however, relented after the team quit and joined the OCP officially.

The tech giant was compelled to modify its policy of secrecy for its AI (artificial intelligence) team. The Cupertino-based company enabled the team in December to begin publishing research papers on their work or collaborate with academia. The AI team of the iPhone maker published their first paper just a few weeks ago. As for Lattner, he will now work for the electric car making giant and contribute his knowledge in building self-driving technology for the automaker.

Meanwhile, the automaker appears to be increasing its poaching from other tech giants. Just this week, there was news that Tesla hired Matt Casebolt, a top engineer on the new MacBook and Mac Pro. The Silicon Valley giant refused to comment.