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Now, the Tesla owners will be able to ask the autopilot that drives their electric vehicles to break the speed limit. This comes after a recent software update that pushed out to users over this weekend. Also, this is not the first time that the automaker is enabling the users to do so.

Tesla makes some changes in autopilot

The latest software changes the way the autopilot system works on Tesla electric vehicles (which are equipped with the autopilot system). The autopilot system also covers a suite of advanced safety features from adaptive cruise control, which enables the electric vehicle to match speeds with the car in front, to lane assist, which keeps the car in the right lane when the vehicle is driving on motorways.

A software update that was pushed out in December limited the speeds of the Tesla electric cars on roads (that had no central dividers), hence, the electric cars were not allowed to go faster than the speed limit. Elon Musk, the billionaire chief executive officer of Tesla Motors (and SpaceX) said at the time that there was “no major precipitating event for the change but the people in general were going a bit too fast on winding roads.” The update has been reversed now, enabling the automaker’s electric car owners to return to breaking the speed limit.

Apparently, the electric car is capped at five miles per hour faster than the limit on non-divided roads. The limit is rather higher on highways as autopilot speed can be set up to 90mph (it does not matter what are the actual speed limits on the road.) The Guardian had asked the electric car making giant if it approves of owners commanding their personal robots to drive faster than the legal speed limit on the road.

Users express their glee on the social networking sites

The electric car maker said in its statement that autopilot (system) is designed as a hands-on experience to offer drivers more confidence behind the wheel, ramp up their security on the road and make motorway driving even more exciting by decreasing the workload of the driver.

The electric car owners, the ones who had expressed annoyance at the original limiter, replied to the confirmation of the CEO with excitement and glee. An owner of Tesla car wrote on Reddit, “Yay! I can keep my car!”

The car-making company had said that the vehicles made by the automaker are constantly evolving in their feature sets and capabilities. The automaker added, “With the current feature set, Tesla Autopilot is classified as Level 2 automated system. Until full autonomy is reached, the driver is responsible for and must remain in control of their car at all times.”

Another user wrote on Reddit, “Looks like owner outrage and certain well known people tweeting Tesla does in fact get results.”