Source: NPR

Model 3 was arguably the car of the year in 2016 even when it did not even release. The mass market and affordable electric vehicle, which is being produced by Tesla Motors, is priced around $35,000 excluding tax breaks and credits. The car rose to fame after the electric car making company announced that they had received around 400,000 pre-orders for the car.

People skeptical about Model 3 production

People are speculating that the automaker may not be able to produce the cars by the end of 2017 but there is report that the electric car making giant may just be able to do it. The manufacturing processes of Tesla will need to work consistently to produce approximately 370,000 (some people eliminated their pre-orders later) Model 3 cars that have been pre-ordered by consumers.

The automaker said that it will start delivering Model 3 cars to early customers by the end of 2017. Also, the electric car maker is aiming to ship 100,000 model 3 units before the end of this year. Many experts are doubtful about the timetable of Tesla because the electric car making giant has a bad track record of working as per deadlines.

The much awaited Model S was shipped later than expected and the newer Model X of the electric car maker was also shipped later, after many production delays. Many people take the ambitious production schedule of the car making giant with a little confidence. But we have one good reason to be optimistic about the Model 3.

Things to get a bit easier: Carlsson

Elon Musk, the Chief executive of Tesla Motors, said that Model 3 is a less complex car to manufacture but the success of the car company has made it easier for the company to secure the supply chain deals.

According to Electrek, during his appearance at the KPMG Automotive Executive Forum, Peter Carlsson, the former Supply Chain chief of Tesla, explained how ability of the automaker to navigate through the confusing world of supply chain logistics has improved over the last few years and how this will impact the Model 3 production. Carlsson said that things will get a little simpler.

He added, “Tesla has resolved some issues through vertical integration — doing things internally. And with the launch of the Model 3, the volumes of the business will be more attractive, and I think we will see more suppliers relocate.”

There was also some news regarding the production of Model 3 that said the electric motors and gear components of the car will be manufactured at the gigafactory of Tesla. The massive Gigafactory of Tesla will be the largest building in the world once it is completed, said the CEO of Tesla.