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Google, the search giant, is taking over the mobile app developer platform Fabric of the micro-blogging giant as well as Answers mobile app analytics, FastLane development automation system, Digits SMS login system, and Crashlytics crash reporting system. In 2004, the micro-blogging site released Fabric as a modular SDK to let developers pick and choose different tools to improve their applications and now, it serves applications that reach almost 2.5 billion users build by 580,000 developers.

Twitter will continue running its developer-facing products: Report

As the micro-blogging giant attempts to get into better financial shape, it is cutting non-essential divisions. By letting the platform be controlled by the search giant, Twitter can eliminate the costs of running Fabric without cheating its developers by suddenly closing it down.

The search giant will keep operating Fabric and its related tools and developers should not have to do anything to support the transfer. The micro-blogging site must have become quite self-sustained after acquisition talks with Google,, etc. failed last year. Primarily, Twitter will suffer an ever larger decline if it is not able to make money. That is why Vine was shut down and Vine Camera was relaunched. Vine Camera does not host videos anymore because they can get expensive.

According to the social media site, it will keep on investing and running its other developer-facing products, like its Twitter Kit, TweetDeck, Gnip, MoPub, its Publisher platform and its Ads APIs and Public APIs because they align with its priorities and are tied directly to its main business for 2017.

Our goal is to align closely and help developers in growing business: Product Manager

“Today we enter the next chapter for Fabric and are pleased to announce that we’ve signed an agreement for Fabric to be acquired by Google and for our team to join Google’s Developer Products Group, working with the Firebase team,” said the Fabric team.

Francis Ma, the Firebase product manager of the search giant, writes that their mission is to align closely and help developers grow their business and build better apps. The terms of the deal were not revealed and the micro-blogging giant declined to provide more information upon request. In an interview to TechCrunch, the ads giant said that all team members of Fabric will be coming aboard. During the transition period, the digits shall remain under control of the micro-blogging giant.