Source: Fox 59

There is a good chance that if you are on the social media giant, you are either handling a Facebook group or are a part of it. The social media giant’s group participation hiked to 1 billion users per month this past January, according to a USA Today report. The report’s data represents approx. 56% of total users of the social media giant.

What is this new Question feature on Facebook about?

For group owners, however, this increase in group usage presents some new and unique challenges. The group administrators aka admins, in an effort to keep the integrity of their groups intact, have had to make strategies for screening and vetting new members.

This is how the process has worked up until now:

  • The admin or the owner of the group would get a notification of the request when a new member would request to join
  • Then, the owner/admin had the option of sorting through the pending “group joining” requests by several different options, including number of groups, number of mutual friends, friends in a group, or Facebook join date.
  • This process enables group owners to identify any major red flags, for instance, the social media users who had joined the social networking site only recently, or users who were part of one or multiple groups, but still many group owners hoped to get the ability to screen pending members more thoroughly.

The social networking site has just started testing a question feature in a small number of groups as a way to manage pending members more easily.

How does this Question feature work?

Group owners can choose around three free-form questions that will be asked of anyone who is requesting to join the group. Then, the owners can view the responses in the pending member queue and sort out ‘group join’ requests whenever they get notifications.

After doing this, the owner/admin of the group can view the responses in the pending member queue, and sort out requests based on who has answered the given questions.

The process would work just like any other questions form for users. The user, after requesting to join the group, will receive a notification stating that the group owners require more information before they can make them part of the group. The pending members will see a box at the top of the group as well. The three questions could be any questions.