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BlackBerry, the smartphone-making giant, is promoting its upcoming flagship smartphone with full hype and excitement. The smartphone, which is codenamed ‘Mercury’, was expected to make its first grand appearance, with specs and other details, at the Mobile World Congress next month but it looks like the Waterloo-based smartphone making giant does not like its fans to keep waiting.

BlackBerry ‘Mercury’ makes its first public appearance at ABC’s “Last Man Standing”

The smartphone device had already made an appearance at Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2017) early this year but details and specifications of the handset were not disclosed. The Canadian smartphone maker has disclosed nothing about the features of the phone in the CES 2017 so fans were quite disappointed. But this secrecy was also enough to grab the attention of consumers.

The Canada-based smartphone maker knew that a way to establish a strong following for the ‘Mercury’ even before its official release is through product placements. This is what the smartphone making giant did this week. On Friday night, you may have gotten a glimpse of the BlackBerry Mercury if you tuned in on ABC’s “Last Man Standing”. The people saw the phone at some point during the show.

It was really difficult to miss the smartphone as the character of Tim Allen was showing the smartphone off in some of his scenes. The product placement was pretty obvious to viewers, particularly when the camera gave a nice good view of the facade of the smartphone. The smartphone’s facade comprises the famous QWERTY keyboard of the Waterloo-based smartphone maker and a relatively large touchscreen display.

The product placement that was made with Tim Allen’s character should not come as a surprise at all because the 63-year old funny man and popular actor is a huge fan of BlackBerry, according to CrackBerry. The news site which covers almost all BlackBerry news further said that this could be a part of larger marketing campaign for the Mercury. The upcoming flagship smartphone is expected to become official at the MWC event in Barcelona next month.

BlackBerry has not divulged any specs yet but there are some rumors

The IBTimes reported previously that the Waterloo-based smartphone company will be revealing its QWERTY smartphone on 25 February, which is also the first day of MWC 2017. The smartphone is expected to generate a significant following from customers because of the smartphone’s unique factor that mixes the physical keys and touchscreen technology pretty well. The design of the smartphone is even regarded as the perfect combination of the Passport and the Priv.

The Waterloo-based smartphone maker has not yet revealed any features and specs of the smartphone device but there are several reports that indicate what the Mercury device could sport at release. The smartphone device is to come with a 4.5-inch display and a QWERTY keyboard, which would not slide like the Priv handset. Further, the device has a fingerprint scanner that is embedded into the space bar. According to reports, the phone is expected to run Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box.