Source: Yahoo News UK

The Apprentice finalist Vana Koutsomitis co-founded a new dating app called DatePlay. This dating application is gearing up for a public Beta launch, which we think could be as soon as today, possibly tomorrow. The concept promises to modify the online dating experience by adding the game element in the app.

Concept of the app and how to ‘play’ the dating game?

The concept, which was first pitched by Koutsomitis on the U.K. television show almost 2 years ago, will have users work through a series of quizzes or mini-games. The game will use the personality data that the quizzes collect, along with the own matching algorithm of the application, to assist the user in finding a potential date.

DatePlay has not hit the App Store yet TechCrunch managed to get its hands on the early build of the application which, they caution, could still change before launch. Steve O’Hear, from TechCrunch, writes, “I also understand that the strategy being employed by Koutsomitis and DatePlay’s other co-founder Joris Magenti has been to keep the Beta version as simple as possible while the startup seeks feedback.” O’Hear says that the thinking is that it is always better to add features later instead of having to remove them.

DatePlay explained “How to Play” after signing in via Facebook, according to O’Hear. The gaming action takes place in the middle screen and consists of a series of BuzzFeed-style multiple choice quizzes. In the form of four divergent photos, each question presents the user with four different answers. Some questions are for fun and are random while some ask you to select your favorite place to go on a first date, meaning they are more specific about answers.

What is the notion behind DatePlay?

In addition to all this, there appears to be a fair amount of overlap to the themes and questions in general, which is presumably to assist in deterring you from trying to game the system. Last year, Koutsomitis told TechCrunch that the whole notion behind the new dating application is to remove ‘self-reporting.’

Here, self-reporting can be defined as the tendency to create an online profile as one would want to be seen instead of how one actually is, mostly encouraged by form-filling styled dating sites, like Match or eHarmony. By trying to match people on the basis of how compatible their personality types are, DatePlay is trying to avoid the superficialness of applications like Tinder.

The right screen labeled ‘chat’ is where the user can message any mutual matches whereas the left screen labeled ‘Date’ is where the user will find prospective matches. They will also find a compatibility score on the left screen based on personality data garnered from the quizzes the user has taken. To reject a match, the user just has to swipe in opposite directions, like Tinder.