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This morning, a Trump Impeachment Party was in full swing on the micro blogging site. The actual President, Mr. Donald Trump, is not facing impeachment in real life but people on the social media have their own make-believe and they tend to have parties whenever a controversy touches a public figure or celebrity. The party, as it looks like, was for Trump on Wednesday.

Here’s why Trump Impeachment is trending on Twitter

People were talking about several things on Wednesday, but the most they talked about was President Donald Trump’s impeachment party, Harrison Ford, Westminster Dog Show, ISRO and Nokia 3310. Troubles continue to come in the way of Trump administration and the opponents of Trump have kicked off a fictional impeachment party to cheer them up.

Party is actually a term that the users on the micro-blogging giant use for collective social-media slamming like the #KanyeWestIsOverParty in November and #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty last July. The latest problems of Trump include the resignation of Michael Flynn from the position of national security adviser on Monday over his communications with Russia and investigations of the intelligence community into possible links between Russia and the presidential campaign. There are over 81k tweets with the hashtag, taunting the U.S. president with impeachment. We cannot help but notice that it has been just four weeks since the President took office.

In the meantime, the chief himself fired up a storm on his Twitter account, @realDonaldTrump, claiming that the real problems are intelligence leaks to the media. He wrote, “The real scandal here is that classified information is illegally given out by “intelligence” like candy. Very un-American!”

Another trending Twitter hashtag was Westminster Dog Show. On Tuesday, at the 141st Westminster Dog Show, a German shepherd won best in show. The dog, named Rumor, is the second German shepherd to win the prestigious event. This week at Madison Square Garden, Rumor competed against 2,800 dogs and won. The prestigious show is trending on the social media giant ‘Facebook’ as well because it shows adorable dogs and puppies on the internet.

Why was Harrison Ford and ISRO trending?

Han Solo was a great pilot, but apparently Harrison Ford cannot be trusted with planes. The actor had a close call on Monday with a 737 passenger plane while he was flying his small plane into the John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California. According to FAA officials, while landing his plane, Ford flew over the airliner. Even in the past, Ford has had issues with piloting, including a crash near the Santa Monica Municipal Airport in 2015. For his close call, Ford is trending on Twitter and Facebook.

As for Nokia 3310, the Finnish smartphone maker is trying to make a comeback at MWC in Spain later this month and rumors suggest that the Nokia 3310 may be reincarnated in the event.

On Tuesday night, India’s space agency ISRO, the Indian Space Research Organization, launched into orbit 104 satellites from a single rocket. This launch beat the record of Russia of sending up to 37 satellites in a single rocket in 2014.