Source: GoPro

GoPro, the camera making giant, and the nascent of the action cameras has changed the way people show-off their interesting and attractive lives. People would never be able to show their impressive dancing skills, their laughter while falling on someone’s back, their skiing tricks, etc without GoPro. But there are so many GoPro cameras in the market today, that choosing the one best for you gets extremely difficult.

Different GoPro Cameras and their specs

The GoPro cameras do not just provide the high quality audio and video but it also comes at a reasonably affordable price. Here are the best GoPro cameras, with their specs and prices, so you can select the one you want easily:

  1. GoPro Hero 5 Black

    The Hero 5 Black of the camera maker is the definitive action camera, which is hard to supersede. It is packed with every feature that you might want, from 4K video at 30fps to waterproofing to RAW output support. The Hero 5 Black is an ideal action camera and it is way better than any other action camera that you can buy in the market right now.

However, the new touchscreen of the action is a little demanding. But the touchscreen is also very easy to handle and you would not require any additional smartphone application to use it. For people who are planning on long vacations, the removable battery is the best feature of the Hero 5 Black. This camera is arguably your best bet if you are looking to buy an action camera that is inexpensive. The Hero 5 Black comes at the price of £349.

  1. GoPro Hero 5 Session

    The GoPro Hero 5 Session, priced at just £249, is super small and quite affordable. The GoPro Session was an impressive action camera last year. This year, the Hero 6 Session is keeping its basic features and is offering a bare-bones experience but it still has great image quality and high video quality. In comparison to the more expensive GoPro Hero 5 Black, the Hero 5 Session does have a few framerate and recording restrictions. Also, the Hero 5 Session does not have the rear touchscreen, something that its expensive sibling has. The Go Pro Hero 5 Session is the right bet for you if you want something light and handy.

  1. GoPro Hero Session

    This is another sibling of Go Pro Hero series but it is £100 cheaper, priced at just £150. This camera is another example of light and small action camera by GoPro. The Hero Session can make use of Ultra-Wide, Super-view, or Medium field of view when it comes to video capability. This action camera is an amazing choice for people who shoot slow motion pictures a lot.

  2. GoPro Hero+

    This camera is capable of recording videos at up to 25Mbits/sec and capturing 1080p at 60fps. Pictures can be clicked with an 8-megapixel resolution and the users have the option for intervals in time-lapse photos from 60-second to half-a-second intervals. For easy sharing of content and uploading, this camera has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. This is an inexpensive camera that comes with almost all the right features.