Source: Netflix

Advertisements for the new series “Santa Clarita Diet” of Netflix depict dismembered fingers as fast food. Many people were not amused with the ad. Rather than doing the right thing and using pictures of its Timothy Olyphant and Drew Barrymore, the new ad for the comedy-horror series called “Santa Clarita Diet” depicted several fingers replacing French fries in a box and a dismembered finger cut up and covered in curry sauce. Comedy Horror, You say?

Netflix decides to takes down the posters of its new series’ ad

The people in Germany were not happy with the new ads and hence, the video streaming giant had to remove all the posters from the country. Several people found these large-sized ads hanging in bus stations and on buildings very tasteless. Spokesperson Anna Grote told DW that over 50 complaints were filed with the German Advertising Council, dubbed the Deutscher Werberat.

All citizens are allowed to complain about ads and the people who complained about the ad considered the marketing campaign of the streaming giant unsuitable for adolescents and children. Grote told DW that the people who complained found that the ads could scare and upset children and adolescents.

All citizens can submit complaints to this organization, since 1972, if they find that an ad promotes violence, sexism, etc. A single complaint by a citizen can lead the council to get in touch with the company to determine its official position. But the video steaming giant, in this particular case, assented to take down all the offensive posters in Germany within the next few days. No court proceedings or fines will follow in this case.

New titles coming to Netflix this month

This month, the video streaming giant is adding many new television shows and movies for dedicated viewers to enjoy. Some of the new releases which will be added to your Netflix account are the teenage middle school romance “Twilight saga,” the new Pixar movie “Finding Dory,” “Superbad,”  “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” and “The Blair Witch Project.” Also, there are movies that were quite exciting and fun to watch like “Magic Mike, and “Sausage Party.”

There are many new TV titles coming on the streaming service as well, including “American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson,” which was added to the streaming service on Feb 2. This TV show has some big name such as Sarah Paulson in the cast and was produced by FX. Also, the show has just ten episodes that end with the verdict of O.J. Simpson. Another popular show added to the streaming giant is the second season of “My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” This show is produced by the CW Network and fans have been waiting for it to come since a long time.