Source: iPhone Hacks

It seems like Apple, the Cupertino-based iPhone maker, has finally picked up one of the last remaining parts of internet property linked to one of its main service brands – the Silicon Valley giant has silently, without anyone in the media noticing, acquired the ownership of, according to a report by TechCrunch.

Apple closes down eponymous social network

The small-time Asian social network that existed at the mentioned site has, subsequent to the acquisition, informed its users that it will be closing down its service by the end of this month. The Mac and iPhone making giant has refused to comment on the matter.

The domain, which is now under the tech giant’s control, was one of the last big iCloud-based web addresses that was not owned by the iPhone making giant. But, maybe there is one – remember It is owned by Dennis Publishing – web address that Apple does not own. The smartphone making giant bought, which was owned by the Swedish software company Xcerion, just before officially disclosing its own iCloud storage service in 2011. Xcerion had released its own cloud-based service under that name in 2007.

Later, it was confirmed by accounts of Xcerion that that Cupertino-based iPhone maker had paid about $5.2 million or 47 million Kroner for the domain. Xcerion, some four years later, also transferred the rest of its iCloud-related name holdings quietly to the tech giant. Examples include,, and TechCrunch found the complete list on an blog post and they said that “you have until the end of this month to look at it if you’re curious.”

Apple could launch its own social product?

It is not yet certain that how many users, which was started in 2011, ever had. On its homepage, the site notes, “iCloud social network is a multi-purpose network platform.” Further it said that the users can share their music, pictures, activities, movies, join in their favorite groups, and write their daily blogs, etc. by joining iCloud.NET. It added that the users “will get the latest news feeds from your friends, interact with friends and get the fun of life is our greatest expectations.”

It seems like the developer behind this network, Tong Lei, will keep other existing portals operating. They include a search engine and a bitcoin site. It is interesting to see that was once attached to a social network because the tech giant, according to Bloomberg, has been rumored to be planning to release one or more social products sometime in 2017.

According to a report from August last year, there is a possibility that the Silicon Valley giant is working on a photo app akin to Snapchat or Instagram. At the end of January, Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook said that they are very excited about the products in their pipeline.