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As per recent reports, the social media giant is testing a Dislike button in the shape of a ‘thumbs down’ emoji. Instead of giving users the frequently requested ability to ‘dislike’ content posted on News Feed, the social network is trialing the thumbs down button on its Messenger application, notes TechCrunch.

Thumbs down button comes to Messenger to only some selected users

Out of the one billion users of Messenger, only some users have been offered the option of tagging the messages of Friends with the Dislike button, along with other emoji responses like mouth-agape for “wow,” thumbs up for “like,” and heart-eyes for “love.” This is of course similar to the Facebook Reactions that users see on News Feed. In a talk with TechCrunch, a Facebook official was reported saying, “We are always testing ways to make Messenger more fun and engaging. This is a small test where we enable people to share an emoji that best represents their feelings on a message.”

The social networking site could make the feature available to all Messenger users if the function goes down well. However, it is still not clear whether the feature will ever come to the News Feed. Fortune notes that the social media giant has resisted clamor for a ‘dislike’ button for a long time for several users. Some believe the new ‘dislike’ button feature would make the News Feed of the social network quite negative.

The tech giant – despite the optic of new Messenger Reaction – told TechCrunch that its new “thumbs down was intended to function more as a “no” button.” The tech giant explained that the notion is too see whether Reactions turns out to be helpful to those who use the chat platform for voting and planning.

Love reaction the most famous among all reactions

The reactions, as mentioned above, are similar to the existing six reaction buttons on the social networking site. However, they do not include a dislike button yet. The six reaction buttons are shocked (wow), Like, Love, Angry, Happy (Haha) and sad. In a statement, the social media giant said that it has been a year since the users could do more than ‘Like’ a friend’s post and in that time, there have been overall 300 billion reactions on posts to date.

It would be interesting to see a ‘thumbs down’ button on Messenger but we will have to wait to see the reaction of Facebook users – will they be happy or disappointed? – it sure is intriguing. The new feature will include a reaction counter as well that would list the number of reactions on any given line. The tech company, which is working on Virtual reality, celebrated the first anniversary of “Reactions” in February this year and it recorded over 300 billion “Reactions” on posts. According to a report, the “Love” reaction was used maximum times by its over 1.79 billion users.