Source: Apple

Users have been waiting for a long time to be able to pay with their iPhone or their Apple Watch. Finally, they will be able to do so – at least in Ireland. Now, Irish users can swipe their Apple Watch or iPhone against a contactless terminal in around thousands of locations across the country to pay for their products.

Apple Pay finally arrives in Ireland

The Apple pay mobile payment service is working almost all places where ordinary contactless debit and credit cards work. Also, you should know that users will require one of the newer iPhones, like an iPhone 7, iPhone SE or iPhone 6, for using Apple Pay. Further, the mobile payment service can be used with all Apple Watches, MacBooks after 2012, and newer iPad models.

Some retailer and banks have placed certain limits on the payment service but the Cupertino based smartphone making giant has not placed any purchasing limits on the system. For using your smartphone or Apple watch as a payment service, there will be no extra charges. Transactions using Apple’s iPhone are validated by using a pin code or a fingerprint. The launch partners that are using the payment service include supermarkets like Marks and Spencers, Lidl, Aldi, Supervalu, Dunnes Stores and Centra.

In addition to this, retail chains like Harvey Norman, Boots and Insomnia accept the payment system as well. The petrol stations including Amber Oil and Applegreen accept the service.

Apple mobile payment service limited to only some users

The mobile payment system works by incorporating Visa or Mastercard contactless credit and debit cards. Also, it can be used shopped within applications or online. The tech giant explains Apple Pay is more secure than using a conventional debit or credit card because each transaction is either protected by a pass-code or a Touch ID. Further, it says that identities and card numbers are not shared with the merchant or the retailer while transaction and the card numbers are not stored on Apple Watch, iPhone or on Apple servers.

Jennifer Bailey, the Apple vice president in charge of Apple Pay, said, “Apple doesn’t know what you bought, where you bought it or how much you paid for it.” Bailey added that they thought about security from the start and this means that the user’s credit card is not stored on their iPhone or with the merchants with Apple Pay.

Bailey said, “It’s encrypted on the secure element in your drive. There’s a one-time dynamic code that’s used each time.” If your iPhone is stolen or is lost, then the card can be disabled by ringing the bank and cancelling the card in the general way or through Currently, cards issued by KBC bank and Ulster bank can only use the payment system but we expect the service to come to other banks and across the world soon.