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Elon Musk, the chief executive officer of Tesla Motors, can do things which we people cannot even dream of doing and he proved it in his recent tweet where he claims that he can solve all the power problems of South Australia in just 100 days and if he is not able to do it, his service would be free.

Tesla CEO promises to fix SA’s problems in 100 days

The boss of Tesla, said he will fix the SA power issues in only 100 days. According to Lyndon Rive, the CEO of SolarCity and Elon Musk, solar power battery storage would have prevented the blackout in South Australia. South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill and Billionaire tech entrepreneur Elon Musk have spoken to each other about Musk’s proposal to solve the electricity problems of the state with battery storage.

Musk has promised on the social media platform ‘Twitter’ that he would fix SA power system in 100 days and if he isn’t able to do it in 100 days, he would take not even a penny for the task. The state premier is in talks with Tech billionaire Musk and Atlassian executive. To transform the energy network of South Australia, Musk sure has some pretty amazing ideas.

Musk said on Friday that energy storage could fix the electricity problems of the state with a battery farm – similar to the one he build in California recently in just 90 days – and work would be completed pretty quickly.

Musk discussing matter with Atlassian CEO and the Premier

Musk’s idea has already gotten support of Mike Cannon-Brookes, an Australian who co-founded software company Atlassian. Cannon-Brookes said, “If Mr. Musk could guarantee 100MW in 100 days, I could “make the $ happen.” He even offered “mates rates.”

Mr. Weatherill is keen to talk about the matter and he said he was clearly not ruling the proposal by the Tesla CEO out. He said, “Today I had a positive discussion with Elon Musk regarding his battery proposal.” Musk confirmed his conversation with the Premier on the micro-blogging site. He wrote, “Just spoke with Jay Weatherill, Premier of South Australia. Very impressed. Govt is clearly committed to a smart, quick solution.”

Cannon-Brookes joined the discussion saying that the talks escalated fast and that is brilliant. The CEO said, “SA led in delivering aggressive renewable targets and now being attacked for it.” The Tesla CEO’s idea should not be dismissed out of hand, said Tony Wood, the energy program director for public think tank Grattan Institute.

ABC notes that the cost of the whole solar farm is not certain yet but given the way the talks are going, we will know about the price and deadline soon.