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On Thursday, Facebook, the social media giant, released a new feature to spice up its messaging app, according to recent reports. The camera-based application Snapchat and photo sharing application Instagram are both growing in popularity. Mostly they are popular among the people for allowing the users to add fun effects to the messaging application.

Why Instagram and Snapchat have such an appeal in the market?

Both Instagram and Snapchat have a huge user base and both are progressing day by day in the social media market whereas social networks like Twitter and WeChat are not doing so well. The reason behind this is that the photo sharing applications allow the user to add many great effects to their picture. Now, Snapchat and Instagram appear a little similar as well because of some similar features.

In addition to this, both the apps have the ability to make unread messages disappear after a particular amount of time. Now, the U.S.-based social media giant, which is run by CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg, is also planning to add these features and more to its network. The social networking site is taking another swipe at the photo-sharing application ‘Snapchat.’ This time the Messenger app of the tech giant is cloning its famous stories feature and calling it Messenger Day. The users will be able to add videos ad pictures to their ‘Day’ with Messenger Day. Friends can view those pictures on your ‘day’ section and comment on them.

The users can further choose to share their day with a small group of selected family and friends or with all of your Messenger contacts. All pictures that the user adds on ‘the day’ will disappear after a day or 24 hours.

Messenger Day to come on both Android and iOS this Thursday: Facebook

Messenger Day would start rolling out on Android and iOS on Thursday, said the social media giant. Messenger has over 1 billion users and is Facebook’s most recent app that will copy the features of photo-sharing giant Snapchat.

Messaging service WhatsApp, which is owned by the social media giant, revealed Status in February which allows people to share not only GIFs and images but also videos as a status update. Just like Stories feature of Snapchat, Status disappears after a day or 24 hours.

Instagram, another Facebook-owned media platform, debuted Stories in August. The Stories feature is pretty similar to Stories feature of Snapchat. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said they believe that camera “will be the main way that we share.”