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Netflix is quietly and steadily stealing hundreds of thousands of hearts through its original shows. Now, the streaming giant is changing the television experience even more by strengthening its borders with other countries and introducing series from Britain, Argentina, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Spain, Turkey and Mexico.

Netflix giving tough competition to its rivals through foreign series

The live streaming giant has much competition in this industry, from rivals like Amazon Prime and Hulu. But the streaming company has programmed the foreign series much more meticulously and aggressively than other streaming companies. The other streaming sites may have bigger offerings in British dramas (AcornTV) and Asian soap operas (“DramaFever”) but Netflix has a greater potential impact.

Yes, it is true that not all the shows broadcasted on the streaming giant are amazing; some are just reasonable dramas which may rise in the future. However, there are also some shows that arguably have no comparison in the drama industry, like the series “Nobel” from Norway and “Fauda” from Israel. The two shows were added to the streaming service last December without much fanfare.

The two series are very different and much better than most of the American TV shows that people are watching at the moment. Fauda is one of the most recent naturalistic, gritty thriller that was released by the Israeli TV industry. The premise of this show is pretty simple – a Palestinian terrorist, who is thought to be dead, comes out of hiding to attend the wedding of a relative and an Israeli team is sent to kill him again. The premise sounds decent; nothing very extraordinary but the show – its 12 tense episodes – are anything but ordinary.

Fauda is a suspense thriller and it does include many violent scenes and action, however, the chases and the battles have lived-in kind of feel, which makes the show very different to others. The viewers would not see any beaten-up vans, queues of black SUVs and rattling vehicles carrying combatants bearing weapons in the action scenes. Fauda is a family drama, completely different from what American thrillers display.

Netflix declares a series of ‘Unfortunate Events’ Season Two’

The video streaming giant is making second season of a Series of Unfortunate Events and there is no surprise in that. The last season ended with a promise that there would be a book. The Netflix YouTube page and official Twitter account of the streaming giant released a video of “Lemony Snicket” (Patrick Warburton) reading out a statement.

Some words and letters were highlighted in the video. The video leads to the site ‘’ that took its time in loading after the announcement news went public.  In the same page, there was a letter from Snicket which scolds audience for enjoying the show so much that the second season is being made.