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Apple, the Cupertino-based iPhone maker, will continue to promote the indie games in its iOS App Store, with new collection of permanent ‘Indie Games’ that will be accessible within the store. This move to highlight independently-produced games will come after a 12-day long promotion that will be used to celebrate the work of smaller game development studios.

Apple is opening a storefront for every app and game developer

Apple Insider notes that the new page will be accessible from a new thumbnail, which is labeled “Celebrating Indie Games,” from the front page of the iOS App Store. Also, in the category, the new page will group together some of the big releases. The page further includes sections emphasizing games that are deemed to be innovative, that have awesome sound quality, impressive visuals, unforgettable stories and outstanding gameplay, and a list of favorite indie titles of App Store editors.

The App Store may have opened up a digital storefront to almost every game developer and users but apps and games still depend on a prominent position within the App Store to get a big audience. The small game and app developers tend to fail to make use of this opportunity which allows them to appear on the valuable storefront but a good image and a dedicated subsection can easily solve this problem.

In an interview to Polygon, Mushroom 11 developer Itay Keren said, “While independent works often set the creative tone, the consumers can unintentionally set the market in a different direction, in terms of genre, pricing, and creative risk.” Keren further told Polygon that, “By setting up this showcase and reserving this desired spot on their store, Apple is essentially taking a stand to insure the creativity, sustainability, and diversity.”

Apple giving indie games a permanent home in iOS App Store

The news about “the new permanent indie games page being added within the iOS App Store” was confirmed by the official Twitter account of App Store Games in a post on Friday. On its Twitter account, @AppStoreGames wrote, “Love the games we’ve debuted? Starting today, we’ll have a permanent spot on the App Store just for indie games.” Also, there was a link with the post.

Karen also told Polygon, “By experiencing the vast spectrum of creative content, players may develop a wider taste and hopefully transform and redefine mobile gaming.”

During its “Celebrating Indie Games” event, the iOS App Store has already been displaying titles from self-funded, self-published and small teams. The event is running from March 9 to March 20. The Silicon Valley giant has, as part of the promotion, discounted several popular titles and marked down games like Samorost 3, Her Story, and The Room Two to $0.99 temporarily. Also, the tech giant has been revealing new indie titles each day.