The YouTube application on Android, back in February, added the ability to livestream directly from your tablet or phone. The move was similar to Instagram Live and Periscope but there was just added one requirement by YouTube – To use the feature, the channel of the user must have at least 10k subscribers.

YouTube allowing users to live stream through their smartphones

However, it looks like the search giant ‘Google’ is now removing that requirement and allowing the users to live stream directly from their phone or tablet without having 10k subscribers. This move by the ads giant will expand live streaming to even more YouTube users. Several users are reporting that they are able to live stream from their tablet or phone even when they have just 1k or even less subscribers. The feature is not only available to Android but to iOS application as well.

It does not seem like there are any changes – excluding the wider availability – on how live streaming actually works. If you want to see whether you have the feature enabled on your YouTube account, just open your YouTube app and press the floating record button on its Home screen. Now, if you have the new feature, you will see a “Go Live” button in addition to the standard record button. Well, if you can see it, it means you can go live at any time on YouTube, whether you have your smartphone with you or your tablet.

For YouTube, this move makes sense as the streaming giant is trying to expand the use of its application and trying to get more audience and more views. It will also help the YouTube users who were unable to live stream through their smartphone or tablet before due to the 10k subscriber requirement.

Why is this move important for YouTube?

Over the past few years, Live Streaming has become very popular. Not only the most popular YouTubers are not live streaming but companies like Twitter and Facebook have also brought the feature to their social network to get more users and advertisers. Facebook has its Facebook Live whereas Twitter has its Periscope for users. Even photo-sharing apps like Instagram have Instagram Live to allow users to live stream whenever they want through their laptop or smartphone.

In addition to this, the streaming company has to keep up with the new trends if it wants to stay competitive in the video streaming segment. You must know that video streaming is one of the major and top trends today. Google, the search giant, has not updated its website just yet; hence, you will still see that the users require minimum 10k subscribers to live stream through phones or tablets.