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Netflix and YouTube have several differences and similarities. Both the companies are video streaming giant but they have different content. Where YouTube is attracting more users through live streams and YouTube stars, Netflix is gaining its own audience through original series and movies. However, when it comes to praising the other for good work, the streaming giants do not back off.

YouTube does not hesitate to praise Netflix

Netflix and YouTube are both trying to get the attention of audience, especially the younger viewers. This week, YouTube Chief Executive Officer Susan Wojcicki attended a Vanity Fair op-ed, where she praised Reed Hastings, the Chief Executive Officer of the original series streaming giant for making gender quality his and his company’s priority.

Wojcicki wrote diversity leads and Human Resource departments play an important role but they require the commitment and attention of the Chief Executive Officer to success. The YouTube CEO said, “A great example of a C.E.O. taking this issue seriously is Reed Hastings of Netflix. In an effort to build a more flexible work culture, he took a strong stand on paid family leave. That policy led to a cascade effect, with companies like Microsoft and Amazon soon providing better family leave options, helping to limit the adverse effects that having children can have on a woman’s career.”

Wojcicki said that increasing family leave has assisted the search giant in retaining more female employees. She wrote that when her company increased paid maternity leave to 18 weeks from 12 weeks, the rate at which new moms left the company declined by around 50%.

However, the commitment to gender diversity is not the only great thing about work culture of the video streaming giant – the company is also popular for not tolerating both brilliant jerks and failing employees.

Some movie stars do not want us to make movies: Netflix CEO

According to the head of the video streaming giant, Reed Hastings, some film stars are not happy with the expansion of the streaming company into the movie industry. Hastings, who co-founded the video streaming giant, said that the plans of the company to make more original films have faced an “uneven reaction” from some popular stars. Already, the streaming giant has many successful and famous original TV shows, including The Crown, House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black.

Hastings said that some starts are willing to work with them if they pay the stars enough. He said, “Other talent does not want to be on the cutting edge, say like Kevin Spacey and David Fincher were with Netflix and House Of Cards.”

The Netflix CEO confirmed that the video streaming giant is still negotiating a deal for forthcoming gangster film of Martin Scorsese. The movie named “The Irishman” is starring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.