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Slowly and steadily, the games list of Nintendo Switch is being filled up with new game titles from the eShop and fans are also waiting for some new titles to come in few months. However, there are some concerns about the games as well, especially with storage. The Nintendo Switch does not have any cloud save backup currently in place, which means that players could lose their data if they switch to another newer console.

Nintendo needs to fix this issue and do it fast

According to one customer, it would not be ideal for you to start gaming again after RMA (return merchandise authorization) your Switch. However, you can transfer your Nintendo files to a SD card. A reddit user, who had to send his console to the Japanese gaming giant for repairs, disclosed his experience of the system, writing, “So today i got home, first thing I did was to grab the big brown box from Nintendo” He said  he opened the box and booted up the switch and his account was intact. He further wrote, “To be sure I went and checked my storage, it said that it was all empty.”

The redditor said, “A bit disappointed I thought, let me at least boot up Zelda. So it needed an update. While it was updating, however, i saw an icon what looked like downloading from a cloud. So full of hope i start my game, and there was my saves are intact!” He said that he can confirm that the gaming giant can really transfer the data to a new device. He suggests that if people have lost their Nintendo files, they should contact the Japan-based gaming giant and ask them if they could transfer their data.

We, however, hope that the Japanese gaming company comes with a new update that allows the players to save their files on cloud because that would be much safer and easier.

Nintendo Games list

The games list of the Nintendo Switch is still pretty small but the Japan-based games giant is working to make titles available to fans quickly. The major releases expected to come out in 2017 include Splatoon 2, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Mario Kart 8. For this year, the gaming giant is working on a huge collection of eShop titles as well. So far, around 60 titles have been confirmed.

We saw the release of five new games this week. These releases will assist in making the games list stronger and better. Currently, the games list is dominated by Zelda: Breath of the Wild. On March 17, the Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ was released while Little Inferno World of Goo and Human Resource Machine have recently made their debut as well.

The King of Fighters ’94 was another amazing classic game that arrived via the Nintendo eShop this week. The said game costs £6.29. As for the stock, the Nintendo Switch is in for a boost because console sales could increase this year. Instead of producing 8 million units, the company could produce 16 million units. Since its release earlier this month, the Nintendo Switch is selling pretty well. Already, the Japanese company has sold over 1.5 million units, and by the end of March, it could sell 2 million.