Source: Mothership.SG

On Tuesday, the smartphone making giant “Apple” disclosed several product updates, including new Apple accessories, a red iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and an updated iPad. The Cupertino-based iPhone maker was, however, not very considerate for promotions or fanfare during the formal launch of the product, which is completely surprising given its past.

Apple releases Swift Playgrounds in Simplified Chinese

Some people even called the product unveil a muted launch whereas according to CNBC, some said the tablets of the Silicon Valley giant seem to be on the decline. On Tuesday, the tech giant said that Swift Playgrounds – an app only available on iPads – would be available in Simplified Chinese. The app, which released in 2014, assists the kids in learning to code through games. Further, the app teaches the kids the new coding language of the tech giant.

The release of the app in in Simplified Chinese came after the visit of Tim Cook, the Chief Executive of Apple, to China. Daniel Ives, senior vice president of finance and corporate development at mobile enterprise company Synchronoss Technologies, said “I view it as a seeding strategy for a company that has established itself as a golden consumer brand.” He added that education is a major vertical that the tech giant and other tech stalwarts must continue to penetrate successfully. Apple ex-CEO Steve Jobs once said that it absurd that students still use chalkboards to write and read. He wanted to bring technology in every sector and industry.

Kevin Westcott, vice chairman and U.S. media and entertainment leader, Deloitte, said that nearly every single trend that they have identified has begun in the younger generations. Westcott said, “As they age, they don’t become like the older generation. Quite the opposite. The older generation starts to become like them.”

Apple unveiled Red iPhone without much fanfare

In the holiday quarter, the sales of iPad dropped around 22% but in India and Mainland China, the product had double-digit growth, said the tech giant earlier this year. Maybe that is why Apple is so considerate when it comes to selling a product in the two countries. The tech giant unveiled the Red iPhone recently with only little fanfare.

The special edition and limited edition crimson-shade iPhone 7 supports HIV/AIDS prevention and research as well. However, the China website of Apple did not mention any support to AIDS charity. This is because China is still very sensitive about causes like AIDS. The price of the iPad models have dropped as well, making them a little cheaper. Now, the mini iPads will be more expensive than standard size iPad, with the latter costing $467.