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Nintendo, the Japan-based gaming giant, says that it has found why some Joy-Con controllers have sync issues while communicating with its Switch game console wirelessly. The gaming giant said that it is now taking steps to fix the problem. Certain press outlets first reported the issue to the Japanese gaming giant and it was TIME, which first experienced the issue.

Manufacturing variation responsible for the issue: Nintendo

The problem was related to the left Switch Joy-Con controller that intermittently lost connection with the console. The issue mostly appeared during routine usage but with TIME, the issue showed when there was apparent obstruction. Nintendo said in a March 9 statement to TIME that the number of Joy-Con repair or replacement requests was not significant and the number was “consistent with what we’ve seen for any new hardware we have launched” as well.

Now, the gaming giant says in a new statement to TIME that there is no design problem with the Joy-Con controllers nor there is any “widespread proactive repair or replacement effort underway.” The gaming giant, however, does accept that a manufacturing variation was responsible for wirelessly interfering with “a small number of the left Joy-Con.” According to the Houston Chronicle overview, a manufacturing variation is a “disparity between an actual measure of a product characteristic and its target value.”

The issue has now been addressed in factories that are manufacturing the controllers and it is no longer a problem, said Nintendo. The Japan-based company added, “We have determined a simple fix can be made to any affected Joy-Con to improve connectivity.” Moreover, we cannot ignore the report in which CNET describes the fix as a “small black square of foam [placed] in the lower-right corner.”

Nintendo asks customers to contact support team in case of any problem

In its statement, the gaming giant says there are several other reasons why the consumers may be experiencing wireless interference. The company says, “We are asking consumers to contact our customer support team so we can help them determine if a repair is necessary.”

Furthermore, the gaming giant adds that the consumers can send their controller directly to them for the adjustment and there will no repair fees. Also, the Japanese gaming giant will return the product in less than a week. The consumers can expect the device less than a week but repair timing may vary by region, says the company.

If you are facing any problem with any software or hardware and you have questions regarding the same, please visit this link. Do not try to repair the device by yourself at home. According to Polygon, the gaming company, “We do not recommend that people attempt an at-home fix, as opening or otherwise trying to alter any Nintendo device could result in voiding the product warranty and further support. There are other reasons a consumer may be experiencing wireless interference.”