Twitter, the micro-blogging giant, which has been censured and criticized by several people and politicians for not being very strict and active in removing offensive accounts from its social network, suspended around 377,000 accounts in the second half of last year for violations related to promotion of terrorism.

Twitter proves that it wants to keep the social media clean

Several times the micro-blogging giant has been accused of going soft on its users who post offensive and terrorism-related content and the social network has tried to show again and again that it is taking action but now the recent report has proved it was working to clean the social network. According to reports, over 74% of the accounts suspended recently for advocating religious or political violence were identified by tools of the social network and not through reports.

According to Reuters, the suspended accounts were spotted by the internal spam-detection tools of the micro-blogging site. The social network, for the first time, talked about requests coming from governments to suppress data posted by new organizations and verified journalists. During the second half of the last year, the social networking site got around 88 such requests, with over 77 of them coming from Turkey.

The micro-blogging giant said that it did not take any action on the great majority of those requests and it did file legal objections where possible. The court orders in Turkey compelled the social networking site to remove around 14 accounts and 15 tweets.

Twitter taking strict action against terrorist accounts

According to the latest transparency report of the company, a report was released on Tuesday and it showed that the micro-blogging site banned more than 600k accounts from its platform since mid-2015 because those accounts promoted terrorism, according to the social media site’s latest transparency report.

The report said that 376,000 accounts were banned in the second half of last year and total 636,248 accounts have been suspended since August 2015. In an interview to BBC, Prof Tahir Abbas, a senior research fellow at the think tank Rusi, said, “Twitter is a powerful instrument in the hands of those who would wish to spread fear and hate but, crucially, mobilize and enable people to carry out actual acts of terrorism.” He added that it is good to know that both success rates and efforts (by the company) are improving.

Furthermore, he said, “This is especially important, as it is clear that while there are takedowns of various sites… there is a tendency for them to re-emerge elsewhere.”