Source: Car Reviews 2014

When a video is posted by Elon Musk, the Chief Executive of Tesla Motors, it instantly sends the media into frenzy. Musk, who is very popular for his outspoken tweets, recently posted a six-second video on the social networking site. The video, which shows the upcoming affordable electric vehicle of Tesla – the “Model 3” – received many views and retweets.

This is what made the Tesla Model 3 video so interesting

The video clip was very short, grainy as well as uninformative. Since showing off the prototype of the car a year ago, the electric carmaker disclosed no major detail about the car. However, the company promised that the production of the car should begin this summer. The Model 3 is the most important and most anticipated car made by the automaker.

The model 3, which is offering 215 miles of range and starting at $35,000, is the most recent bid of the electric carmaker in the car market for mid-stream buyers. The electric car, which starts at $27,500 if you can get the federal tax credit, could move the automaker out of the luxury segment and possibly fulfill the dreams of CEO Musk and the company.

On the micro-blogging giant, Musk captioned the new video with “First drive of a release candidate version of Model 3.” The caption of the video indicated that the Model 3 is almost ready for sale now and only some bugs are being removed now. The electric car appears to be similar to the handsome and sleek prototype which was disclosed by Musk last year on stage. Arthur Wheaton, an auto industry expert at Cornell University, said, “My reading is that Tesla felt confident in the shape and design of their parts, so they can go ahead and invest in the heavy duty machinery.”

Tesla may just complete its promise this time

After watching the video, it looks like the promise of Musk of starting production of the electric car this year by June and delivering the pre-ordered cars to buyers before the end of 2017 may complete. It looks like Tesla is going at the right speed and towards the right destination.

During a recent call with investors, Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Chairman of SolarCity, “It’s a simpler design, and we also understand manufacturing a lot better than we did in the past.” Musk, who currently holds maximum shares in both SolarCity and Tesla Motors, also said that the first EVs will be only rear wheel drive to keep things easy in the factory. The Model 3 will pack the hardware for supercharging, self-driving and Autopilot but the electric car making giant is yet to disclose by how much the base price will increase with the addition of these features.