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Amazon, the largest e-commerce company in the world, brought technology in the way we shop. While looking for a product, more than 50% of overall customers first look to Amazon’s e-commerce website. The website has massive catalog of products and other features like free two-day (or faster) shipping for Prime members as well.

Amazon looking to bring AI-infused grocery shopping

Amazon, which is also censured for ruining many brick and mortar retail stores across the world, is now setting its eyes on revolutionizing the grocery shopping experience. According to several reports, the online retailing giant wants to use tech to revolutionize the grocery shopping experience. The online retailing giant is planning to do it by using artificial intelligence (AI).

The e-commerce giant announced Amazon Go in December last year. The Amazon Go is an AI-infused shopping experience that combines deep learning, computer vision and information fused from many sensors. Using the Go app, the consumers enter the store and shop as usual. Automatically and instantly, the sensors detect what a customer has taken from or has returned to the shelves. The products are automatically added to a running virtual register tape. The Amazon account of the user is charged and their receipt is sent shortly after they leave the store.

Previously, the online retailing site introduced AmazonFresh delivery service, just for subscribers to its Prime membership program. The members can order many grocery items online like produce, fish, meats, household goods. The order will be delivered to their house at a designated time. Initial rumors had us guessing if the ups Near me program was going to be implemented, for pick ups, however, it never got light of day. The original subscription fee, which was $299 per year, was reduced to $14.99 per month last year. According to tech site GeekWire, the e-commerce company reportedly has “plans to expand on its Fresh concept by opening drive-up AmazonFresh Pickup locations in Seattle.”

Amazon to take more time to debut Amazon Go

The U.S.-based e-commerce company is, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal, delaying the opening of its cashierless convenience store to the public. This is because the technology of the store has trouble in tracking large numbers of people.

The pilot store is located in the downtown campus of the U.S.-based online retailing giant. The store is powered by a technology, which according to the online retailer is similar to one found in self-driving cars. Seattle Times notes, “An array of sensors tracks shoppers, who can pick up items from the shelves, get them added to a virtual cart and walk out of the store without going through a cashier.”

The launch of the store in 2016 resulted in commotion from a union representing grocery employees because it threatened the jobs of cashiers. The job of cashier is actually one of the largest occupations in the United States.