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Today, the smartphone making giant “Apple” finally released the iOS 10.3 update for iPads and iPhones. However, there is one detail that all iPhone users and iPad users need to know about the iOS and it is “whether they have the time to install the new update on their device.” The update also brings several new features that we have been waiting for a long time, like CarPlay improvements, Find My AirPods, a new filesystem, etc.

How is the new update useful for AirPods owners?

The main features of the iOS 10.3 may not appear to be very useful to many consumers. If you have already bought the new headphones, dubbed “AirPods”, of the Silicon Valley giant for your device, then you have some luck.

The users can add the AirPods to Find My iPhone with the new iOS 10.3 to make the individual AirPods ping whenever they are trying to search them in their house or their workplace. The AirPods, which have been the best product released by the tech giant last year, are expensive and easy to lose due to their tiny structure. This makes the “Find My AirPods” feature important for users.

You will notice the other obvious change to the operating system when you plug your iPhone into something else, like your car. With the new CarPlay improvements, the new update brings a change to the features and display on the car’s dashboard. With the update, the users will have shortcuts to the most recent apps they have used. Also, they will be able to access better features when they are playing Apple Music.

Other improvements through Apple’s new operating system

In addition to this, there are several other improvements to the iPad or iPhone through the update as well, including the ability of Siri to give the user a cricket score. Also, if the user rents a movie through iTunes, it will be available across all your other Apple devices. Most Apple users do not use AirPods and hence, they do not know whether they should update or not as other features sound boring. Well, if you are looking for some suggestions, then yes, you should install the update.

It is for the security of your iPhone or iPad. With the old update, you are more vulnerable to hacks and bugs. Also, there can be some security flaws if you continue using your Apple device without the latest update. Keep your software updated even if it offers no great features. Also, the tech giant is bringing new file system with the new update.

According to Apple Insider, “The new file system is built for future expansion, and jumps to a 64-bit inode number allowing the OS to track more than 9 quintillion files on a disk, adds support for Sparse files, builds in support for extended file attributes, and implements support for full disk and individual file encryption across all of Apple’s platforms using multiple keys for user data.” In short, the new update will make your device run faster, smoother and better than before.